A Man And His Wife – Charlie Robinson (3 MP3)



A Man And His Wife – Charlie Robinson

In this three-part series, Charlie Robinson shares many practical insights from God’s Word, along with many examples from his own marriage, on how to encourage and release our wives to be the blessing that God gave them to us to be. Emphasizing our need to speak highly of our wives, rejoice in our wives, and come into agreement with our wives, Charlie provides clear guidance for a renewed marriage.

Part 1 – Speak Well Of Your Wife (65:05 min)

In this teaching based on Proverb 31, Charlie encourages men to always speak well of their wives, in every situation. Husbands must learn to love their wives as Jesus loves His wife (the church), by building her up, speaking to her potential, and “loving her first” in every situation. Charlie then gives practical tips on how to discover the keys to your wife’s heart.

Part 2 – Pursuing Joy In Your Marriage (57:55 min)

In this very insightful teaching, Charlie shares that love (the power to give) and joy (the power to receive) always work together, resulting in much excitement for newlyweds. However, as marriages mature, although love remains, joy often diminishes. Charlie challenges every man to restore the joy in their marriage, by understanding the blessings in their marriage, and rejoicing in the wife of their youth.

Part 3 – The Power Of Agreement In Your Marriage (43:37 min)

In this teaching, Charlie encourages men to avoid trouble by running into their secret place (based on Psalm 3 and 27) where God will instruct us, and then learn how to come into a place of agreement with our wife where God can multiply our power to contend together for every situation.


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