Angelic Administration – Jedidiah Tham (4 MP3)



Angelic Administration (Open Heavens Conference) – Jedidiah Tham

In this four-part series, Jedidiah Tham looks at the importance of having angels active in our lives today. Not only does He describe their scriptural functions, nature, and characteristics, he also gives many personal examples and the documented encounters of others. He also shares practical and proven keys for attracting and releasing angelic activity into our lives.

Part 1 – Classes Of Angels (75:23)

In this session based on Hebrews 1:4-14, Jedidiah affirms that angels are ministering spirits sent with an apostolic mission to accomplish the will of God. He then describes for us the thirty “classes” or functions of angels so that we can cooperate with them.

Part 2 – Cooperation With Angelic Activities (56:45)

In this session Jedidiah looks at the nature of angels, the strength of angels, the value of angels, additional functions of angels, and the three primary characteristics of angels.

Part 3 – Five Keys To Releasing Angels (44:18)

In this session based on Hebrews 1:8-15 and supported by numerous other scriptures, Jedidiah looks at five Biblical keys to releasing angels over your life.

Part 4 – Seven Prerequisites For Angelic Intervention (38:19)

In this session, Jedidiah shares seven important and very practical things you must do before angels will work on your behalf.


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