Foundations For Next Level Living – David Hibbert (5 MP3)



Foundations For Next Level Living – David Hibbert

Throughout the Christian life, there are increasing levels of fruitfulness. Wherever you are presently at in your life, God is calling you to go to the next level. This series will give you both the revelation and the tools you need, to move to the next level.

Part 1 – Faithfulness: Purposefully And Regularly Doing What I Have Been Assigned

It is faithfulness that puts your faith into action. This teaching looks at the characteristics of faithfulness, the benefits of faithfulness, and how to provide an atmosphere to bring forth faithfulness.

Part 2 – Identity: Knowing And Living Out Of Who I Am In Christ

God wants us to learn how to live “in Christ”, through a revelation of our identity in Christ, understanding the implications of our new identity, and being secure in that identity. This teaching exposes the realities and implications of who you are in Christ, and who Christ is in you.

Part 3 – Authority: Understanding And Using My Resources From Christ

Most Christians do not really understand their authority in Christ, and so they miss out on utilizing their full resources in Christ. This teaching exposes where our authority comes from, how it works, its extent, and how to use it.

Part 4 – Perseverance: Enduring Hardship And Opposition For A Greater Cause

Simply giving up due to weariness is one of a Christian’s greatest enemies, both in the first century, and today. This teaching explains the benefits of perseverance, and how do develop it in our lives.

Part 5 – Intimacy: Living Secure And Confident Through A Love Relationship With Christ

Jesus lived out of a deep, intimate relationship with the Father, and He invites us to experience the same. This teaching explains how to develop intimacy with the Father and Son as the core foundation of our Christian experience, so that at every moment, we can know His heart for our lives.


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