Kingdom Wealth Summit Banff – Jedidiah Tham – (4 MP3)



Kingdom Wealth Summit – Banff – Jedidiah Tham – (4 MP3)

In this four part series on keys to Kingdom Prosperity, Jedidiah Tham shares how an application of key biblical principles has resulted in personal financial prosperity for his life. He examines how a righteous heart seeking the presence of God will attract the blessings of God, how wisdom and contentment work together for financial stability, and how a lifestyle of generous stewardship will guarantee that all of our needs will be met.

Part 1 – The Snares Of The Wealthy – 111:59 min

In this teaching based on James 5, Jedidiah looks at the snares that the wealthy can fall into that result in their downfall, and the three righteous qualifications for enduring riches.

Part 2 – The Tabernacle Life – 59:04 min

In this teaching based on Psalm 84, Jedidiah exposes the amazing promises for the person who lives daily in the presence of God, how angels are active in our prosperity, and how to attract the visitation of God in our lives.

Part 3 – Financial Contentment & Wise Money Management – 59:08 min

In this teaching based on Philippians 4 and the Proverbs, Jedidiah gives 7 principles for financial contentment and six principles for wise money management. He also makes an insightful prediction for what to expect in the world economy over the next 4 years.

Part 4 – Good Stewardship & The Key To Kingdom Prosperity – 76:50 min

In this teaching based on Genesis 39 and Luke 6:38, Jedidiah looks at the 7 attitudes of good stewardship, and the one powerful key to ensuring that all your needs will be met, so that you experience the essence of Kingdom Prosperity.


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