Reaping Gods Reward In Financial Breakthrough – Jedidiah Tham (3 MP3)



Reaping Gods Wisdom In Financial Breakthrough – Jedidiah Tham

In this three-part teaching, Jedidiah shares keys for financial breakthrough – the seeds we sow, the choices we make, and the words we speak. This teaching is filled with profound, yet very practical Biblical insights on how to truly walk in the blessings of Father God.

Part 1 – The Seeds Of The Tithe (53:25)

In this teaching, Jedidiah tells us that choice – not chance – determines our harvest. We can command the future by sowing in the present. If we want a rich harvest tomorrow, we must choose to sow richly today. This teaching includes five revolutionary insights derived from the Biblical origins of giving, and four key blessings of a tither.

Part 2 – The Riches Of God’s Blessings (56:36)

In this second teaching based on Malachi 4 and Psalm 84, Jedidiah declares, and proves, that “God is not moved by needs, but by seeds”. You will also discover the three levels of prosperity, the three-fold results of being “blessed”, how to live in the “blessing zone”, and the sixteen root causes of poverty.

Part 3 – Words Of Honey, Words Of Milk (57:26)

In this third teaching based on the book of Proverbs, Jedidiah shares how to enter our personal land of “milk and honey”. He shares how our words can cause blessing to come to us, how the condition of our mind affects our words, how to speak unbound by our five senses, the five keys to transform our speaking, and how our speaking affects angelic activity.


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