The Apple Of His Eye – Jedidiah Tham (eBook)



The Apple Of His Eye – A Discourse On Favour – By Jedidiah Tham

Divine Favor is an impartation from the Spirit of grace. It is like God depositing a “piece” of Heaven in you, making your surroundings “Heaven on Earth.”

It pleases our Heavenly Father to see His children walking in His or and enjoying His goodness. This book seeks to unfold the various facets in the grand subject of God’s favor. Once tasted, favor would be like the fertilizer that helps to nurture your fields of fulfillment. All dreams and purposes of God would come to a wholesome consummation when His favor is manifested in your life.

The author shares real-life experiences and biblical illustrations that help to highlight the worth of favor, spurring the saints to trust and embrace the goodness of His favor in critical moments of their lives. If you feel imprisoned by your circumstances, this book will definitely revive you with a new impetus to turn your worries into worship, and tragedies into triumphs.


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