The Dominion Factor – Jedidiah Tham (eBook)



The Dominion Factor – Handbook For Champions – Jedidah Tham

To many believers, faith is simply something that allows you to get what you want in life. Some even associate faith with the “name it” and “grab it” slogans. Yet true faith is beyond all that.

Faith is a way of life in the kingdom. When you live in faith, you are living out a lifestyle that is in perfect agreement with the Holy Scriptures. Indeed, the objective of faith is the walk of obedience that pleases the heart of God.

When we have faith, we will demonstrate the dominion of a king in reigning over the forces of the environment. The face of faith is always bold and aggressive. Bold decrees and forceful declarations are the language of faith. The voice of faith always resonates with courage and confidence. Faith is a militant force that subdues all the plans of the enemy. It proclaims victory in the face of seeming defeat. All enemies must bow and retreat when confronted with the force of faith.

This book will stir and provoke you to do something about your faith. True faith is you having that aura of dominion. It is you portraying the dominion of the triumphant Lion of Judah, whose foes are under His feet.


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